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OMG Great!

2008-02-02 11:00:55 by xMainStreetFreaky


My first song is know uploaded to NG..

Its named Minus 62 its a techno trance song.. enjoy..

OMG Great!

.. Yiiir...?

2008-01-18 17:00:51 by xMainStreetFreaky

hahaha.. Lol.. Gues what..

All people on my school is mother fucking pissed.. and im not.. ?

Now thats fuck'd but anyway..

I prefer to hang out on newgrounds.. so ..

Anyway.. i want to start animate something soon.. so if you have any ideas of what it should be.?

Or what program i should use.. please leave a comment..

Who reads this anyway..?

.. Yiiir...?


2007-12-13 13:05:39 by xMainStreetFreaky

Yearhh... Well..

Im am thinking about start to amimate .. but i am not sure .. :O haha who read this anyway ..
But if someone does and thinking "ohh thats great ?" Yarrr. maybe but it will be when i am finished with school .. so you have to wait for the summerholydays ... HAAHa

Who The Fuck Read This Anyway!?